Garden Design

As a garden designer, my job is to analyze your garden site (or potential sites), discuss your vision, and plan a space that is attractive to pollinators and to you. I take into account items like soil type, available water, amount of sunlight, deer resistant plants, host plants and nectar providing plants. I design a garden that is diverse in plant material to help attract and support as many different pollinator species as possible. Once I develop the plan, along with where to obtain the plants, you will be able to implement the plan at your own pace. You may decide to plan out your entire backyard and them implement the plan in stages or design and plant just a small area each year. The process is flexible and I am happy to work with you in designing the perfect space for your needs.

The plan will be a scale drawing of your specific garden with the placement of each plant indicated. All the plants that I place in the design are chosen only after conversations with you and information regarding your site, I prefer to make each garden unique. In addition, the plan will contain a plant list with the growing details for each plant I’ve chosen.

Contact Info:

If you are interested in discussing your garden design needs or have further questions, please contact me at or 859-468-2245 to continue the conversation.